Terms of use

On-line repository
The on-line repository is a modern database of photos and videos of the Beskidy tourist brand. The administrator of the repository is the Beskidy Region Association, 
which provides collections of photos and videos on the website. The creation of the repository allows the manager of the tourist brand to better manage the multimedia
content during promotional activities by organizing the existing and future audio-visual materials related to the Beskidy tourist brand.
Who can use the repository
The online repository enables remote access to photos and other materials by tourism industry entities involved in the development of the Beskidy tourism brand on the Polish
and Czech side (entrepreneurs, e.g. printing companies, local governments - marketing partners involved in the promotion of the Beskidy tourism brand, non-governmental
organizations promoting the Beskids area), who, thanks to the cross-border online repository, will be able to better promote the support area.
Rules yu must follow.
Attribution of Authorship. You may copy, distribute, present and perform a copyrighted work and derivative works based on it, provided that the name of the original author is mentioned. 
Non-commercial use. You may copy, distribute, present and perform a copyrighted work and derivative works based on it only for non-commercial purposes. On the same conditions.
You may distribute derivative works only under a license identical to that under which the original work was made available.
No derivative works.
You are allowed to copy, distribute, present and perform the work only in its original form - creating derivative works is not allowed.
On-line repository - how to use?
After entering the repository address www.beskidy.media.pl, the user will see the login panel without additional content. In order to gain access to the user panel,
please send an e-mail to biuro@euroregion-beskidy.pl. In the e-mail, please specify the purpose of using the photos and strictly follow the rules set out in §2.
After obtaining the login and password, you can start logging into the repository. After logging in, the user will see a screen with the latest photos added to the repository and a search
engine that allows you to display graphics by a specific keyword (tag). Photos and videos are searched for by entering a specific tag into the search engine, e.g. beskids, winter, jungle.
The search result will show all pictures related to those words.
Photos can be downloaded in two formats, the first format is the so-called.
"For internet" is a version adapted for use in social media, while the second option is "print version" the photos are downloaded in their original size.